Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma Herb just Makes Sense

Gano Healthy Coffee

Ganoderma Healthy Coffee – Healthy Coffee For Life

Gano Brand Healthy Coffee offers a delicious and healthy line of beverages containing Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Mushroom). These prized mushrooms have a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. Ancient generations realized Ganoderma provided them more vigor and energy, while reducing fatigue.

Ganoderma is said to be more powerful than Ginseng! Discover the benefits of our amazing and extremely delicious Ganoderma products for yourself. All of our beverages come in individual single serving packets. Very low acid content. Just add hot water and enjoy! – Make Gano Brand Coffee Your Healthy Coffee For Life!

Why Switch to Healthy Coffee

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can help you to narrow down your coffee healthy choices. Online coffee reviews can give you a general understanding of the quality of the brand. If the coffee is too weak or too strong, the reviews will let you know. If the flavor is off, a review will let you know. I personally love review sites and that’s really the power of the whole internet today in my opinion.

Purchase Sample Sizes

Some healthier coffee companies offer the option to purchase sample sizes. These smaller bags of coffee will allow you to try out the coffee before you commit to a month long supply. It also gives you the option to try all the coffee they offer and help you decide which coffee you like the best.

Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Unique and unfamiliar types of coffee could wind up as your favorite brand. If you can afford it, simply purchase various types of coffee. This will give you a better understanding of coffee on the market. I know for me… the idea that there was mushrooms in my healthier coffee was almost a no-way at first, but I do like to try new things and I’m glad I did. To my surprise, you can’t taste the mushrooms… this healthier coffee tastes and smells as good or better than any other coffee you have ever tried before.

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Healthy Coffee

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Coffee Fact: On average, people who purchase their coffee from drive-through windows before work will spend around forty-five hours every year waiting in line for their coffee. What would You do with 45 more hours if your coffee was delivered to your doorstep?

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Tongkat Ali Featured on Dr. Oz!

The Doctor is In… and wait till you hear what he has to say about Tongkat Ali!

The last couple of weeks have brought tons of third-party validation for our the powerhouse herbs that enrich our Healthy Coffee Products. First, the good people at Information is Beautiful ranked Ganoderma Lucidum as tongkat ali, healthy coffee, dr. oz, doctor oz, ganoderma, eurycomia longifolia, ganoderma lucidum, natural coffee, natural health, herbal remedies, herbs, natural cures, mother nature, sex coffee, alternative medicine, ganobrand one of the Top Tier herbal remedies on the market today. Then, the LIVESTRONG Foundation touted the virtues of Ganoderma paired with Vitamin C. Add to this army of herbal admirers the famous – and famously picky! – Dr. Oz, who is singing the praises of Eurycomia longifolia, also known as Tongkat Ali!

In a recent segment about herbal remedies, Dr. Oz designated Malaysia’s own Tongkat Ali as one of the most health-helpful roots around. Citing its positive effects on libido in both men and women, Tongkat Ali has been known to help improve sex by raising testosterone levels, or, more specifically, the levels of free testosterone.

Dr. Oz scours the earth to find the best natural cures. What can Mother Nature’s medicines do for you? Dr. Oz and his guest suggest getting your dose of this superman-making root in – you guessed it – COFFEE!

What does this mean for YOU?

1. More Proof Our Coffee is the Best Thing Around! Dr. Oz’s endorsement of the Tongkat Ali root gives us another powerful, third-party verification as to why someone would want to drink our Tonkat Ali Coffee.
2. People Are Getting Turned On To Our Products! We all know how hard it can be to explain big, complicated names like “Ganoderma Lucidum” and “Eurycomia Longifolia” to people who’ve never in their life encountered the awesome power of herbal remedies. Well, now, more-and-more Americans are being turned on to so-called “Alternative” Medicine” and “Natural Health” – which means that more and more people are getting educated about these herbs and looking for them online!

“All these natural health herbs can work like medications in our bodies,” Dr. Oz says at the end of the segment. “We have given you true scientific reasons why they work.” A ringing endorsement from a true medical giant!

We highly suggest you share this video and let’s make the good news about “Tongkat Ali” available to everyone you know… especially the guys and girls that would love to boost their sex drive.

CLICK HERE to watch the Dr. Oz segment on Tongkat Ali on his Web site!

(Now, remember: even though Dr. Oz suggests drinking a Malaysian coffee product enriched with Tongkat Ali, his segment doesn’t indicate a direct endorsement of GanoBrand Tongkat Ali-enriched product.)

Dr Oz did say Tongkat Ali was available online or in Health food stores… NOTE: One should avoid buying Tongkat Ali from Unsolicited Emails as there are many fake look-a-likes out there and they can actually be harmful to your health. Buy from a reputable company such as GanoBrand that actually manufactures Tongkat Ali products, or has been marketing health supplements for some time.

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Healthy Coffee for Best Home Business Opportunity

Best Home Business

Healthier Coffee is taking the Home Based Business Industry by Storm… WHY? Because just about everyone YOU know, Drinks Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate! Coffee is the second most consumable product below Water. Coffee is the most Traded Commodity below Oil. Do you see the potential here?

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Healthy Coffee is what I consider the Best Home Business Opportunity Today and moving forward into 2012. Reports predict coffee sales in excess of 1.5 Billion Dollars annually. This amazing  Healthy Coffee company pays out 20% in commissions to all their affiliates and another 10% to sub-affiliates (people that join under you and buy healthy coffee)… that means Millions of Dollars in revenue will be paid out to affiliates just like you and me. Plus they pay you this commission even if you decide NOT to buy anything! How many companies have you seen out there that require you to be on autoship and buy at least $100 in coffee each month in order to qualify for your commission? Starting out… this is a pretty high monthly expense for most people. Not with GanoBrand Healthy Coffee… It’s Free to Join… there’s Buy Nothing… YOU Get Paid for all your Work! (If you call drinking coffee and having friends over to try it work?)

How much Money would you like in your pocket this year? The question is: Who do you know that drinks Coffee? How many cups do they drink everyday? Now think 20% of every dollar they spend in your pocket… every day, every week, every month, every year!

Are you Drinking Healthy Coffee yet?
Healthy Coffee Business

I’ll look forward to having YOU on our team and speaking with you soon so we can work together on building your future together.
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Healthy Coffee Home Business

Welcome to the NEW Home Based Business Revolution!

Introducing the Healthiest Coffee in North America

Healthier Coffee Just Makes Sense!

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“Our Coffee Pays YOU to Drink Coffee and refer others!”

It’s so Good… You’ll be Excited to tell others about it!
Drink Coffee… Make Money! It’s as Simple as Boiling Water!

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Already Rated The Best Home Business Opportunity in North America!

Why? Because Millions of People Drink Coffee Everyday.

Free Home Business

Healthy Coffee

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Would You Like a Little Caffeine With Your Workout?


Ok, I’ll bet you think that was a joke, don’t you? Everyone knows caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. You hear it all the time, and from a lot of different people, including doctors, so why would you want to use caffeine in conjunction with your exercise program? Before we completely dismiss the notion of caffeine as an exercise aid, consider the following.

Caffeine is one of the methyl derivatives of xanthine. Xanthines occur naturally in more than 60 plants and caffeine is the most potent of these and is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, many soft drinks and diet aids.

There is no doubt that caffeine works to help exercise performance. It is known to stimulate the central nervous system, mobilize various hormones that are involved in metabolic processes, improve muscle contraction, and improve the use of fats and carbohydrates for energy.

Buy Coffee Makers OnlineBut, and this is a big but, how you use it is very important in whether you’ll get maximum performance benefits from it so take note of the results of numerous studies on the subject of caffeine use to enhance performance in order to fully understand how caffeine use can benefit your exercise program. Here are the findings of those studies:

1. Explosive athletes who do short duration sports such as power-lifting, sprints, ECT. Do not appear to benefit from caffeine use.

2. Endurance athletes such as long distance cyclists, runners, swimmers, ECT. Can improve their performance with caffeine use.

3. Reaction time can be improved with caffeine use.

4. The best dose of caffeine is around 3.0 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. Below that, little performance improvement is noted and above that, there will be a performance decrement.

5. An athlete who uses caffeine after abstaining from it for several days sees improved performance.

6. Fat loss with exercise is increased when caffeine is taken prior to exercise.

7. The half life of caffeine in your system is around 6 hours and its effects are of similar duration.

8. Caffeine intake results in increased alertness, reduced drowsiness and a reduced perception of fatigue.

With the above in mind, it would seem beneficial to use caffeine before exercise. Even those involved in powerlifting and sprinting can still benefit from the improved alertness and reaction time.

Now, something to point out here is that there are those who do not respond well to caffeine. About 20% of the population will exhibit adverse effects to caffeine such as cardiac arrhythmias, excessive urination, insomnia, withdrawal headaches and a type of anxiety called “caffeineism”. If you’re in the 20% who experience any of these effects from caffeine use, don’t use it! The benefits you get from it are not worth those side effects.

If you have ulcers you are cautioned against using caffeine because it causes a 400% increase in acid levels in the stomach. The recommended dose of caffeine in coffee form is around two cups one hour before exercise.

The bottom line on using caffeine to help you perform better during exercise is, yes, it does have its benefits, but, it should be used wisely and only you can determine whether or not it’s helping your exercise performance and if it’s right for you.


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White Tea – Considered as One of the Most Expensive Tea in China

Why White Tea?

Earlier studies have shown that green tea motivates the immune system to fight disease. Research shows White Tea extract can really demolish in vitro the organisms that cause disease. Study after study with tea extract proves that it has many healing properties. This is not an old wives tale rather it’s a fact!

Buy Coffee Makers OnlineWhite tea was more helpful than green tea at inactivating bacterial viruses. Results obtained with the bacterial virus, a model system; suggest that WTE may have an anti-viral effect on human pathogenic viruses. The addition of White Tea Extract to various toothpastes enhanced the anti-microbial effect of these oral agents.

White tea is tea made from leaves of the tea plant Camellia

sinensis. The leaves are harvested while very young, and the buds are still covered in very fine, white hairs. These hairs are what give white tea its name. White tea is cultivated primarily in China, mainly in the mountainous and fertile Fujian province, where white tea has a long history. The bushes on which the white tealeaves are to be grown are the ones that are best placed with respect to sunshine and rain. The finest qualities of white tea, often called “Silver Needle”, consist exclusively of the buds of tealeaves. These buds are hand picked during certain days in the spring, usually between March 15th and April 10th. By that time, the buds have reached the perfect balance between youth and maturity that gives the best-tasting tea. The leaves and buds are withered over a few hours, and then air-dried. The temperature and even the air moisture are taken into consideration during the production, and the art is to get a perfect balance between solar withering and indoor withering.

We can drink tea every day and every season, hot tea in winter and ice-tea in summer. One of my favorite teas is the Cinch Energy Tea with a blend of green, red and white tea as well as Matcha, which is a uniquely flavorful, hand-picked, premium quality green tea. Cinch Energy Tea can be enjoyed both ways… Hot Tea or Iced Tea. Nowadays tea is the part of life of each person. And sipping the tea makes this process ceremonial. Conversations over a cup of tea makes your mood better, clear your thoughts. In many countries tea even has its cultural events such as afternoon tea in London, tea ceremony in China or tea party almost in each country. If you like exotic way of drinking tea then prepare a cup of white tea that will help you to prepare it a good mood so that you can enjoy with your friends.

White Tea

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Which coffee maker? Grinding out the answer.

What Coffee Maker Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?

When you stop at the convenience store or at a local coffee shop for your morning cup of coffee have you ever wondered how your cup of coffee came about? No, not how it was brewed but how it was that you are able to drink a cup of coffee. Sure, the coffee machine plays an important role in making your perfectly brewed cup of coffee, but just how did that coffee maker first come about, or how did the first person who ever sipped the first cup of coffee discover its magic?

Buy Coffee Makers OnlineLegend goes back to a lonely sheep herder in Ethiopia who noticed his sheep acting strangely every time they ate certain red berries from a certain bush. One has to wonder why he himself decided to give the berries a try. Well that is of no consequence because since that life altering decision man has been enjoying coffee in many different cultures, different countries and different places. Do you know they even drink coffee on the Space Shuttle? I wonder what kind of coffee machine they have.

The one million dollar question is exactly what makes a good cup of coffee? Does buying one of the best coffee makers lead to a great cup of coffee? Not necessarily.. Start with great coffee beans. You can even roast your own coffee beans with the Home coffee roaster machines. Roasting machines allow coffee drinkers to buy premium coffee beans at discount prices and roast them at home. The coffee drinker is in charge of the roasting level; medium or dark roast. Coffee drinkers also advise against buying pre-ground coffee, pre-grinding diminishes the coffee flavor and aroma. Apparently the best part of the coffee bean is found deep within it therefore pre-ground, once the package is opened loses that rich coffee aroma. Grinding your beans before you start percolating your coffee ensures you get the most out of the bean. Talking about grinding the beans there are also two types of coffee grinders; burr and blade grinders, both serve the purpose equally well, so the type of grinder you have does not affect your cup of coffee.

Shopping for coffee makers There are three different types of coffee makers. There are filter coffee makers that basically drip hot boiling water over the ground coffee beans then filter the coffee over a disposable paper filter. Then there are the espresso/cappuccino coffee makers and finally the combination coffee makers that make both cappuccino and filter coffee. Choose a coffee machine that suits your needs. Take into consideration how much and how often you drink coffee. How much you are willing to spend on seeking the perfect cup of coffee. Remember to look online, you can find many discount coffee makers.

Whether you enjoy your coffee with or without cream or whether you enjoy a robust and flavorful cup of black coffee remember to thank that lowly sheep herder who took a risk and ate the first coffee bean.

coffee maker

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Where To Buy Coffee Online

Buy Coffee Online

The Internet is an incredible resource for purchases. You can find nearly anything that you could want or need on the Internet. If you are looking to buy coffee online, you can have multiple approaches. By combining these approaches, you can find the best coffee for your coffee needs. By looking up coffee brand websites, looking up coffee shop websites, and online grocers, you can find a plethora of coffee varieties.

Coffee Websites

Buy Coffee Makers OnlineYou can easily find websites that are devoted to coffee. These websites will allow you to purchase different brands of coffee from one central website. The advantage of buying coffee online with this type of website is the fact that they are dedicated to coffee. Because they only offer coffee, you can know that they are offering quality products. They often have a great variety of coffee to choose from. While these may be the least reliable websites because of their lack of big-name branding, they offer the greatest variety and pricing. If you are looking for lesser known, interesting types of coffee, the coffee-centric website is perfect.

Coffee Shop Websites

You can easily find your favorite flavor of coffee-shop-chain coffee online. Each coffee chain offers their own coffee for purchase. You can easily find this coffee online through their respective websites. If you have a type of coffee that you like from this company, you can simply brew that coffee at home. While these websites are not great for variety, they work for those who know exactly what they want. You can even buy Healthy Coffee Online… they offer a huge selection of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.

Online Grocery Websites

Internet grocery stores are growing in popularity. Many people will order their non-perishable goods online. This makes it easier for them to shop, as they can do so from the comfort of their own home. If you are simply looking for the popular, mainstream brands of coffee, this is your best option. You can easily find the biggest brand names in grocery-store coffee through these websites. You may also be able to buy this coffee (whether it be ground or whole bean) in bulk sizes. This will save you money over time, as it will be cheaper to buy the bulk product.

You can also use these Internet resources to read reviews on each type of coffee. You can quickly find the positives and negatives of each type of coffee. Users who have tried the coffee are the ones who are judging the coffee. They are giving you insight into the taste and quality of the product. This may help you to make your decision if you are looking at buying a new type of coffee.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to buy coffee online. As long as you know what you are looking for, you can find your coffee quickly and easily. Looking at multiple websites will help you to find the most varieties, and the best deals. Take the time to look at these websites to best understand where to buy coffee on the Internet.

Coffee Online

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What Happened to Coffee?

Gourmet Coffee

The days when we used to wake up in the morning, grab the morning newspaper, and brew up a wonderful cup of gourmet coffee, have started to disappear. Unless you’re a morning person who can get out of bed hours before anyone else and somehow start the day without the typical morning rush then consider yourself one of the lucky one’s. If anything, people are usually running around the house, getting the kids ready, getting themselves ready, and running out the door. Some days they manage to squeeze some time into the morning routine to roll through a drive-thru coffee stand or even worse, a fast-food restaurant, to pick up a cup of java. Or they can wait to get to the office where they brew up the cheapest stuff that their employer can get, as you load it down with cream and sugar. How can this be? How does what’s supposed to be one of the most relaxing and satisfying routines of the day become part of the rat race.

Buy Coffee Makers OnlineAs you probably know, coffee is 2nd most important commodity in the United States. Obviously, if you turn on your TV to watch the news you’ll know what is first. But the coffee industry is big business, what you get at the fast food restaurant or at the office doesn’t even touch on the quality that is out there. It’s funny how anything that doesn’t come out of the can is considered gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffee is not something that you can’t buy at the grocery store; the most expensive stuff there doesn’t even begin to touch on the quality that is available.

Coffee Roasting has become an art form. In a day when big companies use computers to do the dirty work, small specialty companies are still doing it the old-fashioned way with their experience and their brains. Roastmasters spend years honing their craft, and their experience is what makes for a great cup of coffee. These companies rely on freshness and quality to compete with the big boys who stock the grocery store shelves or ship it out to your local drive thru. You won’t see any of their commercials on TV, even real late at night when there is the cheapest air-time. These specialty companies are successful simply based on their reputation. They work to get the highest grade beans from all over the world. They test everything to make sure the quality is as good as it gets. And then they baby it.

Gourmet coffee is usually roasted in small batches to guarantee that nothing can go wrong. The time and temperature is completely under their complete control, and experience tells them when the beans are roasted perfectly. Any imperfections and the beans are tossed out and a new batch begins. They can do anything with coffee. They can create the perfect blends, add the best flavors, and guarantee that you will get the best cup of coffee that you have ever tasted. They rely on word of mouth, reviews, and tasting competitions to get their name out there. In most situations the only way to place an order with them is through the internet. You can also buy your own Coffee Roaster Machine too.

Gourmet Coffee sites are everywhere on the web, but it is often hard to determine where is the best place to go. If you want a head start… jump to and read about some of the best gourmet coffee companies out there. And believe or not, most of their coffee costs no more that what you pay for a bag of beans at the supermarket that have been sitting around for a couple of months. But best part about it is that you can have all of this in the comfort of your own home. This may give you the little extra that you need to get out of bed in the morning.

Gourmet Coffee

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What Are Coffee Pods?

Coffee Pods

Before we talk about Coffee Pods… let’s talk about coffee first.

People drink coffee to stay awake and get more things done. But how can you get more things done if you’re waiting around for your coffee to brew. Oh sure you can go buy a cup of coffee but at some point you going to want a cup at home. With a coffee pod maker you’re only 30 seconds away from an excellent cup of coffee.

Senseo was one of the first coffee pod makers available. And having sold more than 10 million units in four years. Senseo is definitely here to stay. A coffee pod looks just like a round tea bag. It works like this. You fill the coffee maker with water, place a coffee pod in the receptacle, hit the button and thirty seconds later you have a great cup of coffee. A patented method that uses a special spray head and mild pressure to balance the ratio of coffee to water while brewing creates a rich frothy cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for great tasting coffee that’s convenient and time saving then try pod coffee. Coffee pods are available in different brew strengths including dark roast, medium roast and mild roast. You can usually buy a package of 72 coffee pods for less than twenty dollars. Since you can also buy a 33 oz can of coffee grinds for about five to 10 dollars at the supermarket, coffee pods are not for budget minded coffee drinkers. That large can will definitely contain a lot more than 72 cups of coffee. But remember you’re paying a premium for a no mess, no measuring, easy cleanup, ready in thirty seconds, cup of a coffee. For some people that’s money well spent.

Cleanup is a breeze, just discard the pod. Since the coffee grinds are enclosed in a pod instead of a filter there’s less of a chance of spilling them all over your kitchen floor. The pod receptacle is even dishwasher safe.

Another reason to buy a coffee pod maker, especially a Senseo, is that the machines are so good looking. They are sleek, stylish and will look great on your countertop.

Coffee isn’t just for breakfast anymore, it’s an all day long affair. Why not make coffee pods part of your daily routine?

Coffee Pods

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Wait until You Discover Coffee Pods

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